ague from Jiang Province signaled the police officers to remove the handcuffs and shackles and let him sit at a table with instruments and laptops.

ague from Jiang Province signaled the police officers to remove the handcuffs and shackles and let him sit at a table with instruments and laptops.
The two policemen took the opened handcuffs and shackles and retreated to the corner, sitting on chairs in the corner.
/The female colleague from Jiang Province did not attach the sensors connected to the wires to the suspect, nor clamp his hands with the small clips connected to the wires. Instead, she and the police officer Xiao Ni started chatting with the suspect, talking here and there without saying anything that was important.
The suspect was a little nervous at first, but gradually relaxed as we chatted. He actually answered questions and answers, but he didn’t speak Mandarin well, so it was a bit difficult to communicate.
What surprised the detachment Ying was that Han Bo was actually indifferent to everything that happened next door. He sat and waited for more than ten minutes, only glanced at the monitor, and spent the rest of the time sending and receiving text messages.
Director Fei watched intently, nodding from time to time, not sure what he saw.
As the saying goes, insiders look at the door, while outsiders look at the excitement.
/The Ying detachment didn’t see any clues, nor did they realize how lively it was. After waiting for another five or six minutes, they found that there was still no intention to test the next door. They couldn’t help asking sideways: “Han Chu, when do the Zhou detachment plan to start?” ”
Again? It should be about 40 minutes.” Han Bo raised his arm and looked at his watch, then focused on sending and receiving text messages.
“Chu Han, where are Miao Wentao, Section Chief Fang, Section Chief Yu and Xiao Ge?”
Time was urgent, so last night it was decided to divide the troops into two groups today.
Miao Wentao is an experienced veteran criminal policeman, known as the “Xinyang Detective”. He has rich experience and led two criminal technical experts, Chief Fang and Chief Yu, to investigate the scene.
“They said they couldn’t help much, so I asked Xiaoge to accompany them to the city.” There couldn’t be a showdown before the test results came out, so Han Bo could only make up lies.
He said that he was very busy during dinner last night. After dinner, he read the case files and worked more diligently than anyone else. This morning he actually went sightseeing. Detachment Ying was completely convinced and nodded without saying anything else.
After waiting for more than half an hour, the test officially started.
After asking a bunch of innocuous questions, interspersed with several important questions, such as “yes” or “no”, “yes” or “no”, the suspect answered fluently.
What exactly was measured? The laptop on the table was blocked by the female colleague from Jiangnan. I couldn’t see it, and even if I could see it, I couldn’t understand it.
The young deputy director-level investigator was still absent-minded, either sending and receiving text messages, or getting up and going to the guest room on the lef