tle girl and burned her body would not be difficult to catch. .

tle girl and burned her body would not be difficult to catch. .
However, until now, they have not been able to compare, but they cannot lose confidence because of this. Zhou Suying nodded: “Yes, don’t worry Yue Zhi, I will keep an eye on him.” “That’s
it, please do your best and call me if you have any questions.”
Yue Guozhi was busy at one or two o’clock. As soon as he finished speaking, his cell phone rang. He picked up his bag and said goodbye to everyone, and hurried out while answering the phone.
After seeing her immediate boss off, Zhou Suying turned around and said, “Cheng Zhi, I’m going to the laboratory to have a look. Hailong and the others stayed up all night, and they are probably all sleeping now.” ”
Go, I’ll give Wang Jiefang a call.”
“Lao Cheng, aren’t you going to pick me up at the airport?” Political Commissar Xu couldn’t help but ask before Zhou Suying could speak.
“I won’t arrive until ten o’clock. I’ll go later,” Cheng Wenming explained while dialing the phone: “Actually, what I want to find is Xiao Zhong. I asked Xiao Zhong to pick up Bureau Han later and accompany Bureau Han to the scene. look.”
Xu Yuanfan was confused and asked subconsciously: “Which Korean Bureau?”
“Political Commissar, how many Korean Bureaus do you know?” Zhou Suying chuckled.
When Han Bo was working in Nangang, Xu Yuanfan served as the director of the political office in the Development Zone Bureau. Although he had never really interacted with him, he had met him many times.
After being transferred to the city bureau as the political commissar of the criminal police detachment, I was even more impressed by Han Bo, who had been transferred for many years, because many things in the detachment were left by Han Bo, and Han Bo had the position and administrative level of the Nangang public security system. The highest leadership.
/“Lao Cheng, Suying, are you kidding me? Director Han is really back?” He was shocked and stared at the two of them in disbelief.
“Do you think we are joking? Director Han came to the unit last night and worked in the laboratory until three o’clock.” ”
You invited Director Han back?”
“How is it possible? Don’t say it’s impossible for us to do this. Even if he spoke like this, he might not have time. It was just a coincidence that he happened to be on vacation.”
Xiao Zhong was Cheng Wenming’s apprentice when he was a full-time investigator. Cheng Wenming had really high standards and strict requirements for Xiao Zhong. He felt that Young people should not stay in the municipal bureau. Xiao Zhong was sent to the Nanzhou branch five years ago.
He started out as an ordinary criminal police officer in the criminal police team in his area of ??responsibility, and is now the deputy squadron leader of the serious crime squadron.
Bureau Han’s father is going to open a hotel in Nanzhou District. Bureau Han must live in Nanzhou District, so it would be appropriate for Xiao Zhong to pick him up.
Xu Yuanfan reacted, frowned and asked, “Tell me, why didn’t you report such a big eve