eiyang really had some expectations. When Gong Wanzhu truly reached the peak of the Golden Core Realm and could become one of the ninety-nine, he would only have the majestic power, the rich foundation, and the bloody evil. Brutal, among the many levels and fields that are closely related to Dao Fruit, Gong Wanzhu is truly able to keep pace with himself at this moment.

This is exploring the boundaries and limits of realm through Taoism.
Being able to compete with those who came before us is what it means to be a successor.
After seeing that Gong Wanzhu was completely on the right path of training, Chu Weiyang breathed a sigh of relief and completely let go of his mind. He no longer affected her concentration in the Taoist palace, and suddenly turned into a spiritual light and flew out. In an instant, a gray light struck down from the air. When he looked back at the same spot, even the aura had disappeared.
/In the sea of ??fog, there is no distinction between day and night, and there is no disturbance.
At this moment, among the hundreds of cloud boats, in the quiet room belonging to the owner of the boat, on the large cloud bed, Chu Weiyang was reclining lazily. In the Taoist’s hand, there was a magical jade fruit hanging. According to.
When you look carefully, you will see that what is carved on the jade fruit is the complete sutra “The Fetus Transforms into Shape”.
In the past, Chu Weiyang once had an insight into the fragments of the magical power of “Transformation of the Fetus” in an ancient boat under the great abyss. It was this fragment that actually taught Chu Weiyang to move towards the future. The way to sublimate magic into magical power.
Earlier, Chu Weiyang was flipping through various divine notes. When he realized this, he had speculated on the possible whereabouts of the magical seed of “Embryonic Transformation”.
/At that time, Chu Weiyang realized that this magical seed was most likely a descendant of the Baihualou lineage, because its connotation of vitality and creation was most consistent with the charm of Taoism and the flourishing of hundreds of flowers.
Moreover, the sage of Baihualou in the past used this fragment to understand “The Moment of Flowers Blooming”, which is enough to illustrate the similarities between them.
Sure enough, now they are sailing in the sea of ??mist, retracing the ancient road, cleaning up the blood and tears of the past. Soon, even in this process, they have harvested the seeds of such magical powers, and they are harvests of multiple orders of magnitude, enough for Chu Weiyang and The three people in Baihualou were able to practice together, which was more than enough to teach Chun Yuzhi to understand the birth and death of Nirvana, and to teach Qi Feiqiong to understand the change of snakes and dragons turning into dragons.
In fact, the reason why Chu Weiyang had this magical jade fruit at hand at this moment was not to obtain the magical scripture itself.
As early as those years ago, all the essence of this magical power has been integrated into the “