“This is the origin of the Xi Kingdom. At that time, you should not have been such a ruthless and unjust saint.”
“You are half right. I had already become a saint at that time, but I was just traveling in reincarnation. “Moving, we have just created the ancestors of the Xi Kingdom.”
Nuwa said, waving her sleeves, and the mural on the wall suddenly changed. Zhou Jijun felt that it looked familiar, and when he looked carefully, his face showed surprise. The scenery is clearly that of the God of Reincarnation.
“I can’t remember how many times I fought against the Supreme Being. In short, I was slightly better that time. After he turned around, he actually called on those saints to create the reincarnation of the gods and wrote me into the story.”
Female . Wa smiled inexplicably, paused, and then spoke.
“In the story of Fengshenyanyi, King Zhou got into trouble because he saw my statue in the temple and became lustful. Your supreme saint is really interesting. He can’t defeat me, but he uses this A way to humiliate me.”
After hearing this, Zhou Jijun’s heart moved, and a strange idea came to his mind.
“Could it be that…the Supreme Being and the others were already saints countless years ago?”
“Of course.”
Nuwa glanced at Zhou Jijun, who was looking thoughtful, her eyebrows furrowed slightly, then she relaxed and smiled softly. said one voice.
“Could it be that in the four major continents, the few of them who showed you are newly-achieved saints?”
“Interesting, what does the Supreme Being want to do by telling this big lie.”
Nuwa glanced at Zhou Jijun, if there was any Thoughts.
/“Among your four major continents, have there been any strong men who challenged the saints?”
“How was the war?”
“Above the monarchs and saints, the saints are invincible, but powerful monarchs and saints can also hurt saints.”
Zhou Jijun was alert, I deliberately avoided mentioning names and just spoke in general terms.
“I see, I know what they are planning.”
After looking deeply at Zhou Jijun, Nuwa calmed her voice and said.
“Your monarch saints are equivalent to the sub-sages in our mountains and seas. Even if the ten strongest sub-sages come together, they can’t hurt a hair on my head. And the strength of the Supreme Being is almost the same as mine. What do you think? In that battle, the Supreme Being was intentionally injured, but he was telling you something.”
“What’s the matter?”
Zhou Jijun’s heart pounded, and he felt that the big secret was extremely close to him.
“He wants to tell you that saints are not invincible, nor can they be replaced. But in fact, under the saints, everything in the world is like ants.”
Nuwa said as she glanced at Zhou Jijun, who looked sullen.
“No matter how powerful the Monarch Saint or the Sub-Saint is, they cannot harm a single hair of the Saint. The number of Saints is fixed at six. After six counts, no Saint will appear again.”
His face was as dark as night. For a long time, Zhou Jijun breathed a long sigh of relief and looked. Xiang