gy circulated, instantly suppressing the Buddha’s light in the hall.

gy circulated, instantly suppressing the Buddha’s light in the hall.
A human figure jumped out from one of the beads, stared at it, and stood in the air. His body was slender and his face was pale, but his lips were as red as if they were covered in blood.
“The twenty-eighth palace rebels against the king, and Taoist Mosquito is here!”
The man shouted lowly, raising his arms, and waves of blood spread out from all directions, like a surging tide.
Wei Fu’s face was full of joy, but he suddenly became sad again. That year he picked up the eighteen beads at the beach, only to find that there was a master living in each bead, who took the trouble to demonstrate the exercises and combat skills for him. However, from beginning to end, they never spoke to me, or even looked at me.
Is it because the disciples haven’t done enough?
When he was young, the Buddhist hall had become a Shura field, and Wei Fu stood in the middle of the Shura field, quietly watching the blood flowers flying past him one after another.
The road is far away, the horse is in a hurry, and the young man in white is traveling in a hurry.
Two white horses and two white clothes. When they were placed in Qizhou that year, neither Zhou Jijun nor Qian Shiqi would have thought that one day they would ride side by side.
/After cracking the Western Cruise Ship and returning, Lu Ya, Zhen Yuanzi, Yuhuang, Pingtian and even Zhao Gongming all stepped forward to congratulate him to show their friendship as allies. Zhou Jijun also borrowed the ladder and invited them to attend the Zhou Catch Banquet held in Tianwu Mountain five days later, firstly to consolidate the “allyship”, and secondly because he was too doting on Yunsheng. Instructing the twelve star masters to return to the mountain, Zhou Jijun bid farewell to Yue Luosha and Samoni, fulfilled his promise, and embarked on a journey to the mountains and seas with Qian Shiqi.
/On that day in Ji Lei Palace, it only took half a stick of incense for the two of them to travel to the Eastern Heaven Realm using the art of traveling in the spirit. However, because Qian Shiqi had already gone through it once, it naturally took a very short time to travel there based on their memory. But in fact, the reincarnation of mountains and seas covers a vast area, no less than the heaven, earth and sky. Each heaven is said to be only more than 12,000 miles away, but that is only the area under the jurisdiction of the main and deputy gods. Really counting those unconquered countries with barren mountains and rivers, One side of the heaven is less than 30,000 miles away. After spending a day and a night, the two rode horses and finally arrived at the Eastern Heaven Realm. Their mounts looked like white horses, but Zhou Jijun’s was transformed from a water unicorn, while Qian Shiqi’s was transformed from a purple dragon. They could run fast all day and night without showing signs of fatigue.
“Brother Qian, how strong is Fuxi?”
Looking at the tall and majestic city wall piled up among the sky clouds n