payment, and your brother will pay back the remaining money slowly, without much pressure.”

payment, and your brother will pay back the remaining money slowly, without much pressure.”
Li Yong also had a copy of the same agreement. Although Zhao Song bid more for his salary, he did not The two of them were happy to accept it without breaking the bottom line.
That’s just the way they are, if it has benefits and doesn’t affect the relationship between friends, then just accept it.
No, it doesn’t matter, there aren’t that many things between friends.
You are lucky enough to have such a friend in your life.
Zhao Song was so lucky that he had two in his entire life!
/“Alas~” Lezi grinned widely, shivering and stuffing the agreement into Xizi’s arms: “Brother, put it away.”
After saying that, he turned his head and looked at Zhao Song happily: “This My father is due for a blood transfusion in two days, and I will go back tomorrow.”
The scene suddenly became quiet.
Xiaoyu picked up another banana and planned to peel one for this unfamiliar brother.
Bai Li sat upright and looked seriously at the guy she had despised in her heart before.
“You have two choices.”
With surprised eyes, Zhao Song stretched out two fingers, then put away one, pointed at the goddess who was not big enough, and said: “I haven’t formally introduced you yet, Bai Li, your brother and I are a good classmate, good Friend.”
“Sister Bai Li.”
Lezi shouted with a red face, his eyes darting around but not daring to look in the direction of the goddess.
“The first option: You don’t have to go back. She will help you find a diving instructor. After three months, I will help you make quick money and let you buy a house in the capital and bring your family over. From now on, you will rely on this skill Settling down in the capital.”
“Zhao Song~” Xizi said anxiously. There was no way his parents would come. They were not one family, but two big families.
Zhao Song didn’t look at him, waved his hand and said: “Your brother is the head of the family, your brother decides.”
Seeing his brother’s anxious look, Lezi fell silent. After a long time, he patted the sofa where he was sitting and asked expectantly. : “How long will it take for someone with the skill of scuba diving to buy such a comfortable sofa?”
I’m off topic again.
Pa~ Xizi slapped her forehead in confusion. The Zhao Song who was with his friends was completely different from what he was at work. He was out of shape, and when he met his younger brother who was even more unreliable, Xizi couldn’t bear to look at this scene.
Xiaoyu clutched her stomach and collapsed on Benben’s body.
Bai Li, who is not too big, smiles without showing her teeth.
“Well…” Zhao Song said, “Stressless sofa is known as the most comfortable sofa brand in the world. With its workmanship, labor, materials, and brand premium, it ranks among the top 20 sofas in the country. It’s not expensive at all, but it’s imported after all…”
“How much does it cost?” Lezi’s legs trembled.
“It’s a joint model, and the price in Europe is about 1.2 million yuan.”
“Duoduoduo~” Lezi’s trembli