believed in the master’s vision and immediately bowed again.

believed in the master’s vision and immediately bowed again.
“Master, this disciple will never let you down!”
Jiao Mu’s eyes were filled with bright colors.
Zhang Jian nodded slightly.
After bidding farewell to Jiao Mu’s mother and son, Zhang Jian left the Tai Chi Mountain and headed towards the boundary between heaven and man in the realm of Yuanzhu.
He was extremely fast, and in an instant he crossed the boundary between heaven and man in reverse direction, heading towards a vast land.
That was the Taiyuan Heaven among the ten days.
The Tianchi Holy Land of the Tianchi Emperor is located in this magnificent land.
Zhang Jian could see from a distance that compared to the Ten Lands, the location of the Ten Heavens was even more advantageous. Countless innate essences were lingering around it, and there were even thicker and vast ancestral veins in the void pulling countless innate spiritual energies into it.
At this time, there are also layers of magnificent and vast celestial barriers surrounding Taiyuan Tian, ??which are shining brightly, like a majestic and huge celestial ring.
Zhang Jian’s figure flashed and disappeared into it.
Passing through the void realm formed by the barrier of heaven, Zhang Jian transformed his energy and transformed into a stream of light, appearing directly in front of a magnificent water vein. It was like a celestial river flowing out of the holy realm of Tianchi. Most of the world is covered by Taiyuan Tian.
With this Tianhe as the source, there are many branches, like layers of jade belts, creating this pure land.
That river is the Changze River, which is also the largest water system in Taiyuan Heaven.
Zhang Jian’s figure fell from the void, and his figure was silent.
But in the huge waves in front of him, the river parted for a moment, and a stream of light flew out of it. A middle-aged god wearing purple clothes and a majestic face walked out of it. After seeing Zhang Jian, a trace of solemnity appeared in the depths of his eyes. Adhere to the right path.
“Junior Tianchi pays homage to Qinglian to save the suffering Tianzun!”
Zhang Jian glanced at the middle-aged god. He felt a magnificent water-attributed avenue of authority and energy from him. This authority was not weaker than Regarding the status of Dao Lord, it’s just that this middle-aged god is still far behind the level of Dao Lord in terms of Dao Xing, Dao Heart, and Yuan Shen.
At this time, in Zhang Jian’s eyes, Tianchi Daojun felt an unparalleled divine power that seemed to penetrate time and space. The obstacles of the long river of fate came around him, and he was unable to hide from his eyes, even if his soul was deep. All the mysteries everywhere are completely exposed to this gaze.
He was shocked at this moment.
“As the senior said, this Taoist master’s conduct is simply unimaginable!”
His expression became more and more respectful.
/Zhang Jian saw his expression and smiled.
/“Fellow Taoist Tianchi is a blessed person with good fortune. Today, my Taoist heart is for all l