strongest needs. Look, the people in Atlantis do it too. I did something good for you, didn’t I…”

strongest needs. Look, the people in Atlantis do it too. I did something good for you, didn’t I…”
Chapter 498: ‘Power’
is in a ‘death’ state, and the body waiting for the opportunity to be reborn can actually emit ‘seeds of life’ again and again. This makes the young man I was a little surprised, and I couldn’t help but guess that even though all the organs in the body were exhausted, the body still maintained vitality. Could it be that the secret to becoming a ‘great witch’ actually lies in this!
Standing under the water with random thoughts, he showed an expression of excitement and confusion. He didn’t wake up until he suddenly heard a gentle female voice asking: “What’s wrong, my little monster, what are you thinking about?”
Hearing Tracy call him a ‘monster’, Zhang Lisheng suddenly realized that he had already broken away from the conventions of humans and even ordinary creatures, and it was really ridiculous to apply ordinary biological knowledge to himself.
“I really want to break through my obsession…” The young man smiled self-deprecatingly. Looking at Tracy’s perfect body immersed in the mist, he subconsciously turned his head and said casually: “I’m thinking about my future path.
Tracy, You should have noticed that something is wrong with my body, right?”
/“I didn’t notice it when I was in the desert, but I have noticed it now.” The girl said, stretching her hands to her chest, spreading her palms flat and facing upwards, and her whole body suddenly radiated a breathtaking energy. The light slowly gathered in the palm of the hand, continued to condense and burn, and finally turned into two jujube-shaped gems with a loud bang. The appearance was crystal clear and the core was blazing.
Panting, she slowly brought the gemstone close to Zhang Lisheng’s chest. She watched the round stone that was originally shining like a torch gradually lose its luster as the distance between it and the young man’s body became shorter and shorter, and finally shattered into dots of fluorescent light. Tracy’s face was solemn. He continued: “Your body seems to have been completely eroded by a negative force, exuding the aura of death…”
“Tracy, you are too dependent on supernatural power now. In fact, it doesn’t need to be so troublesome. Just touch it. You can come to the same conclusion by looking at your heart, I’m already ‘dead’,” Zhang Lisheng shrugged and interrupted the girl, “But sooner or later you can be reborn…” ”
Oh, it’s a change in the essence of life, right?” Tracy Without waiting for the young man to finish speaking, he smiled and said with understanding: “I also experienced it three months ago. At
that time, the light stone produced in my body had just reached the ‘lava’ temperature, which resulted in a high fever that would not go away and I lay in bed for a whole day. For two weeks, the maximum body temperature exceeded 160 degrees Fahrenheit. If it were not for the help of an ‘Atlantean’ sergeant major, he might have turned into a mummy.” I
didn’t expect that mastering the power