ensic identification The quality of the institution, the evidence submitted and the appraisal report can be imagined.

ensic identification The quality of the institution, the evidence submitted and the appraisal report can be imagined.
“The police force is in shambles, but the court system is very professional. It’s ironic to think about it.”
People decide what to do, and Liu Xiaojie’s case is beyond his control. Han Bo regrets it. He doesn’t want to make useless efforts on it. The topic changes. : “Qu Chu, is there any news about Yu Qingfang?”
“I haven’t heard anything yet. There are not many people in Xishan, South Africa. Who can she go to when she comes here? Is there a problem with the intelligence in Xishan?”
“There is unlikely to be a problem with the intelligence. She should be there South Africa.”
“Just publish it in the newspaper, and treat a dead horse as a live doctor.” Thinking of the few Chinese media reporters she had just met, Li Xiaolei made a rare suggestion.
“It can’t be published in the newspaper. If she is here, we can still think of ways to get her back in South Africa. If we alert the snake and she escapes to Europe and the United States, it will be difficult for us to catch her back.”
Yu Qingfang became internationally known. As long as her whereabouts can be clarified, Interpol’s red notice cannot be used to extradite her. After all, South Africa’s former national police chief is now the chairman of Interpol, and South Africa must set an example in international judicial cooperation.
The question now is how to find people!
The South African police are unreliable. They are in a lot of trouble themselves and will not help you at all. They can only rely on themselves.
The Police-Citizen Cooperation Center in Johannesburg has a total of three or four people, only two are full-time, and there is no funding, so it is also impossible to count on it. The overseas Chinese leaders who care about the motherland are willing to help, but their social circles are so large, and there are many problems in the Chinese circle. If she had a bit of fame, Yu Qingfang would definitely stay away from them, and this road would also not work.
Illegal fund-raising involved hundreds of millions of dollars, and many people were deceived. Maybe some of them had life-saving money. Everyone wanted to help their counterparts in Xishan catch Yu Qingfang and recover the stolen money, but they only had so many resources on hand, so they could only do it in a hurry.
We brainstormed and studied together, and before we knew it, it was already 5:30 pm.
/Li Xiaolei made an appointment with the policeman. Han Bo and Qu Sheng made preparations and drove the embassy car to the agreed shopping mall.
This is an indoor commercial center that integrates shopping, dining, leisure and entertainment. There are many such commercial centers in South Africa, with strict security measures and very safe. The place is big enough, with everything to eat, drink and have fun. You can stay there for a whole day just walking around.
Han Bo looked around and finally found the coffee shop where they agreed to meet.
Qu Sheng went in first t