Seeing her friend’s painful expression, Guo Caiying sighed and said loudly: “Okay, let’s not talk about those troublesome things. I’ll have a rest today after getting drunk.”
At this time, Zhang Lisheng looked at Ai Chuhe’s sad look, hesitated, and suddenly said: “Sister Ai family, don’t be sad, your boyfriend was probably recruited freely after returning to China.” He is not abandoning you, but he is forced to do research in a different world . He
does not want to delay your life.”
“He was freely recruited to do research in a different world…” Ai Chuhe’s eyes lit up, as if he was caught. Like a life-saving straw, “Go to a ‘different world’ to do research, yes, that’s very likely. That’s why
he couldn’t have any contact with the outside world for only five years. He, he did it for my own good, and he broke up because of me. Think about it!
Caiying, Lao Wang, he had to break up because of my sake. If not, I have to wait for him, and I have to tell him that I will always wait for him…” Chapter
/210 “Illustrated Book of Biological Anatomy and Chemical Actions”
Seeing her friend’s uplifting spirit, Guo Caiying was silent for a while with a gloomy face, and suddenly said: “My father has known Lao Wang for several years.
If he goes to do research in a ‘different world’, my father will not Tell me clearly, I can hear something when we talk on the phone, don’t lie to yourself Chu He, it’s not worth it for a man.”
These cruel words made Ai Chuhe’s eyes that were gradually brightening dim again, The bus stop was already in front of them, and the three of them walked silently to the stop sign. No one said anything until they boarded the bus and arrived at a bustling neighborhood after a few stops.
After getting off the car, Zhang Lisheng was the first to break the silence when he saw the neon lights and the fashionable men and women in casual clothes. “This must be a part of Silicon Valley. The people on the street are not what I thought.”
“What do you think? Programmers in Silicon Valley should walk around the streets in sloppy T-shirts and chewing hamburgers.” Guo Caiying said in a rude tone. She crossed the road and walked into a small store with two painted signs. A restaurant with a staggered knife and fork pattern.
The French-style Western restaurant is illuminated by crystal chandeliers, and the dining table and chairs are made of mahogany without paint and covered only with beautiful hand-woven tablecloths. It looks a bit out of place in Silicon Valley, which is at the forefront of the times.
Seeing the customer camp door, a waiter wearing a white shirt and black tie came over immediately. Before he could speak, Zhang Lisheng, who followed the girl into the restaurant, asked in French: “Excuse me, is there any room? ”
Of course sir, Miss Guo has already made a reservation.” The waiter was stunned for a moment, showing eight white teeth, and led the three of them to an empty table and handed them the menu.
/“I’m so hungry. I can’t stand French food…” Zhang Lisheng took the men